Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend DDG Calls Out “Weird” Interest in Their Relationship After Baby Question

Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend DDG Says They DON’T Have a Daughter

Halle Bailey's boyfriend is tired of holding it in. 

DDG shared his frustration over the interest in his relationship with The Little Mermaid star—specifically the rumors they had welcomed a baby together.

When asked by a fan on Snapchat if he and Halle had a daughter, the rapper simply responded, "No." And he didn't hold back with his feelings on people weighing in on his relationship.

"Bro, I don't know why people is so invested in what I got going on or what we got going on," the 26-year-old said in a Dec. 30 Snapchat Story. "Mind your business."

"Go outside," he continued. "Touch some grass. Go do a cartwheel in the backyard or something. It's weird. I genuinely don't be understanding. Why do y'all be so invested in people that don't know you?"

The "9 Lives" artist—whose real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr.—emphasized his gratitude for their fans but urged them to let the couple keep their romance private.

Halle Bailey’s Boyfriend DDG Calls Out “Weird” Interest in Their Relationship After Baby Question

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"Whatever is going on in my life or her life is not going to change yours," he noted. "Let's focus on ourselves. 2024—let's try to lock in ourselves, not other people. Please, mind your business."

The duo, who first became Instagram official in March 2022, faced pregnancy rumors last fall. In October, Halle's U.K. Glamour "Women of the Year" profile misattributed a quote to her about motherhood from an interview with Little Mix's Leigh-Anne Pinnock, who'd welcomed twins with her husband Andre Gray in 2021, according to Vulture.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

The speculation continued into the following month with a fan suggesting on Snapchat that The Color Purple actress Halle had developed a "pregnancy nose." However, the 23-year-old was quick to clap back. 

"Listen, if I see one more person say something about my nose one more time, it's going to be hell to pay," Halle exclaimed in a Snapchat Story. "What are you concerned about my nose for? Leave me the hell alone."

But the unrelenting rumors haven't stopped the couple from living their best lives. After all, the Grown-ish actress called their romance "transformative."

"I think the best thing about young love is that you're able to continue to find yourself through this journey of loving somebody else," Halle told People in May. "And you're discovering new parts of yourself and maybe things that you didn't notice before about your heart."

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"I feel like things change when love gets more involved in your life," she added. "I have definitely discovered more within myself as a woman."

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